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To construct a language, developers had to first convert the alphabet letters and word formation to ANSI codes, and then provide software that allowed us to type our language’s words and have the computers read them through the use of the software. Bijoy Converter is a program similar to this. If you wish to utilize it with the Unicode platform, you’ll need a Unicode converter.

Bangla Converter is an important online application for efficiently displaying the Bengali language in any browser. In general, Bengali authors, journalists, and news editors use the Bijoy typeface to write their journals and news. However, the Bijoy Bengali typeface is poorly presented. As a result, they must transform Unicode to show typefaces in a complex manner. You may use our conversion tool in two different ways.

How to Convert Bijoy to Unicode:

There are several translators available that will take your input ANSI (Bijoy) codes and translate the language to Unicode. To do so, merely follow these instructions

  1. To begin, copy the text you want to transform.
  2. Insert it into a converter after that.
  3. Now, to discover the transformed codes, choose the convert icon.

Finally, you’ll have transformed Unicode text that you may copy and paste wherever.

How to Convert Unicode to Bijoy:

Generally, as a client, you may convert Unicode to Bijoy with a simple tap utilizing several online translators. The procedure is not simple since it necessitates programming or coding. The wonderful part about it is that we can utilize it in a jiffy without knowing anything about software or programming. Yet, here’s a quick way to convert Unicode to Bijoy

  1. Firstly, copy the Unicode text fonts
  2. Next, post them in the empty box
  3. Finally, select the Unicode to Bijoy button on any translator
  4. The Unicode content will be translated into Bijoy in a fraction of a second.
  5. At last, the transformed text or typeface will appear in the next empty box.

How you will get benefited

This online Bangla converter will assist you in translating your Bangla Bijoy ASCII text into Unicode text. It can assist you in developing your Bangla web page or writing Bangla language wherever on the homepage. You may also use the Unicode editor window to write Bangla text without downloading and installing an extra third-party application.

• For a range of factors, you’ll require a Bijoy to Unicode converter. The following are some of the reasons:
• Any Bijoy user must grasp the entire set of keyboard features to be able to create the language.
• It is a huge and sophisticated software that may be reduced.
• It consumes considerably longer if someone is not acclimated to the application.
• No knowledgeable individual who wants to type Bengali on a computer needs to crack the complicated keypad layout.


Sitting and watching how many of us utilize Unicode tools to create our language illustrates the degree to which Unicode has changed our lives to be simpler. Ridmik keyboard, Bangla typing, Avro converter and other software have opened up a new world of possibilities. The advantages of to compose Bengali, we may utilize our instincts on our keyboards. When we type Bangla words in English, they are transformed to decent English or other languages.