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There are lots of Bengali newspapers and they are working regularly to update regular news to the huge population of Bangladesh. So, you can't determine any Newspapers as the best. But considering the quantity, authenticity, and other services we kept few Bangladeshi Newspapers on the top of the list. The list is given below. Prothom Alo, Kaler Kontho, The Daily Star, Samakal, Jugantor,

Daily All Bangla Newspapers

In this sector, you're going to get the list of all Bangla newspapers such as Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Pratidin, Jugantor, and others. All the newspapers are externally linked to their official webpage. So, just by clicking once on the thumbnail you can reach their site and explore every news item. So, why wait for more? Let's explore all the news of Bangladesh.

International Bangla Newspapers

We all know there are not so many international Bangla newspapers. However, there are 5 famous newspapers and we have gathered them all.

All you have to do is to click on the Name/thumbnail of the newspaper and you will reach their site instantly. No worries about multiple redirections because it'll take you directly to their official webpage.

Online Bangla News Portals

Online Bangla News portals are sometimes more active than Bangladeshi Newspapers. Plus the number of online newspapers is rapidly increasing. So you'll find a huge list here. We have managed to gather all and we kept the most popular sites on the top of the list such as BD News 24, Dhaka Times, BD 24Live, etc.

Check the online News portals list below and click your favorite BD news portal to reach their site.

All Share Bazar Newspapers

Share Bazar newspapers are also checked widely as the number of shareholders is rapidly increasing. There are a good number of shared Bazar Bangla newspapers available and we have gathered 27 Bangladesh newspapers. Just like the other process, you need to click the paper and you will be taken directly to their official page.

West Bengali Newspapers (kalkata)

Very often we seek our neighbour Kolkata newspaper. Plus we have some Indian visitors. For the sake of them, we have also added another part of Kolkata Bangla Newspapers. Here will find the most popular Ananda Bazar, India Times Bangla, and other Kolkata newspaper lists.

All Bangladeshi English Newspapers

The English Newspapers lovers, it's time for you. In this segment, you are going to find all the major Bangladesh English Newspapers. We have kept The Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune, Daily Sun, and other English Newspapers. Have a look at the list below.

Regional Newspapers in Bangladesh

Regional Newspapers are the best way to monitor all region-based news. So for people from a different region in Bangladesh get some more details about your region following the list given.

Bangladeshi news Agency Sites

To find all Bangladeshi news agency sites together at a place this division is added for you. Here you'll get the site links of famous news agency sites such as BSS, Focus Bangla, United News of Bangladesh, and others. Click their name (linked) and you will reach the agency site you want.

All Bangla TV Channel Sites

The most used news mediums are the TV channels. To reach the official site of the TV channel you can just click any of the given channels below.

As they are all linked to their official site, it'll require just a click to visit their site.

Top Bangladeshi Jobs Sites

For finding jobs, job sites are the easiest solution to collect some important data. So for the youngsters, we also gathered the most important job site lists, and just by clicking the thumbnail, you can reach the sites. Have a look at the sites and visit your favourite one.

List Of Bangla Tech websites

Technological news attracts the young generation more. But many of us don't know which sites are the best. Worry not, we kept the best tech sites on this list. Observe the site list and visit the sites you like.

List Of Bangladeshi FM Radio

FM Radio channels are not highly popular like they once were but many of us still love to hear FM. So, we have added one more division collecting all the most popular FM radio sites. It's time to pay a visit to the old gold.

List of Bangladeshi magazines

Among the regular news, magazines are a touch of fun. So, we have gathered the most popular Bengali magazine sites such as Kalio Kalam, Abasar, AT Tahreek, and others.

Bangladeshi Newspaper: All Bangla Newspaper – BD News [2021]

Whatever the purpose is we always need to visit different Newspaper sites. But it’s a pain to remember all the portals and very often we don’t get the news from a certain newspaper. So, we visit another site which costs lots of our time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find all the Bangla Newspapers in a single place?

We are concerned about it and we have come up with a total collection of all types of Bangladeshi Newspaper. You’ll love to know that we have linked all the most popular news sites in one single page.

Don’t worry about unwanted redirecting. You will click your desired website and you will directly reach your destination. There is no hassle of new tab opening and closing. So here is the list of Bangla newspapers that are categorized according to their classifications.


The newspaper was first published in China. Samachar Darpan was a Bengali weekly newspaper published by the Baptist Missionary Society and published on 23 May 1818 from the Baptist Mission Press at Serampore in the first half of the 19th century. It is considered to be the first Indian-language newspaper, although some historians contend that the Bengali weekly Bengal Gazette or Vangal Gazette published by Ganga Kishore Bhattacharya had begun publication earlier.


There are many kinds of newspapers daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly. The Ittefaq, The Sangbad, The Banglar Bani, The Dainik Bangla, The Inquelab, The Janakantha, The Bangladesh Observer, Etc. are the daily newspaper of Bangladesh.


Newspaper is the mirror of the world. we can know the world news by reading a newspaper. Speeches stories, dramas, songs, vacancies, market-price are published in the newspaper. It is the easiest means of gathering knowledge. It tells us the news and views of the happening within twenty-four hours. It is the storehouse of knowledge.

Why Read All Bangla Newspaper?

Our regular day starts with tea and a Newspaper. The daily news gives us more information on every topic. There are lots of reasons for reading all Bangla newspapers. I will show some reasons

1. Regular Update

First, you need to get all the updates of the country, and Bangladeshi newspapers and portals are the best way to get regular updates.

2. Caution

We don’t know what is happening in the country. To learn more about any new or old conflict, political state, pandemic, and other issues, Bangla news helps us the most. We know what to do to remain safe and protect the family from upcoming danger.

3. Job opportunity

Newspapers are one of the largest sources to get updated about recent job circulars. The young generation can find different resources and overcome the unemployment problem.

4. Improve your Vocabulary and Language Skill

People who read the regular newspaper are more skilled in talking and writing in both Bengali and English. So by reading the paper regularly you can improve your linguistic skill.

How Do All Bangladeshi Newspapers Help Us?

Bangladeshi newspapers help us in different ways. First of all Bangladeshi Newspapers help us by providing regular indigenous and abroad news. So we can be alert of all types of upcoming changes, dangers, elections, or opportunities.

Newspapers not only give the regular news but also keep the mind fresh. Almost every newspaper comes with some portion where you can get sports news and entertainment film details. Plus, the magazine comes with different types of quizzes, jokes, and fashion information.

Now let’s talk about immigrants. Almost 10 Million people of Bangladesh live abroad and they can get news of Bangladesh through online news portals. They will get alerts of everything in their motherland by reading the Bangladeshi newspaper.

Where to Read All Bangla Newspaper?

You have already understood the importance of reading Bangla newspapers. Some of us take the regular newspaper service but that’s not enough to get all the news. Most of us are the audience of news channels but there is also a limitation. To know everything in detail you’ll have to keep an eye on several sites. But where can you read them?

First of all, almost every BD newspaper has its official webpage where they keep the news regularly updated. But it’s frustrating and time-consuming to visit their sites one by one.

To help you in saving your time, All Bangla Newspaper Land is the perfect solution for you. Our site is the gather of all Bangla Newspapers. On this site, you will get all the updated International, English, Bangla, magazine, share news, Regional news, and others. So, just visit our site and click any webpage to get their news.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Which was the first daily newspaper in Bengali?

Sambad Prabakhar (Sangbad Prabakhar) was the first daily newspaper in Bengali. The founder of the Newspaper was Ishwar Chandra Gupta. It was launched in 1831 as a weekly newspaper but 8 years later it in 1839, it became a daily newspaper.

What was the First Newspaper in Bangladesh?

The Azad was the first Published Newspaper on 5 September 1960. Bangladesh founded by Mohammad Akram Khan.


Modern life is impossible without newspapers. It is the most effective link between the pressed people and the govt. so we should read the newspaper regularly.

So, what more benefits do you expect from reading the BD news? When you acknowledge All Bangla Newspaper Land you don’t need to look for any more sites for getting regular news. We regularly update our sites for all types of issues. And there is no risk facing junk or other spam.

We have added all the verified sites. For the ease of getting news, there is no great alternative to our site. Hopefully, you will come back to us again for regular news updates.

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